360 minutes of Wellness & Nutrition Consultations (equates to 4 – 5 sessions) (over $100 savings)

Could include
  • initial consultation
  • functional blood/saliva lab analysis
  • external mud pack
  • stress/healthy emotion support
  • hydration
  • anti-aging consultations
  • and program follow-ups
    (excludes lab costs, any products used in sessions or needed for programs). 

    For detail descriptions of any of the above please visit: 

Why Partner with Tracy, a Practitioner in Wellness & Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)*?
* preventative health care for you and family
* take out guessing game of what information is best for your goals. We are all unique individuals follow health information that pertains to our specific needs and situations.
* cutting edge testing, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) an effective non-invasive kinesiology technique of the neurological system and is used to custom tailor wellness programs for your body’s best innate structure and function.
*The desire to Live a life with energy all day, optimism, restful sleep, maintain healthy weight, athletic stamina – a life of Vitality!

*Consultations for your unique needs and situations.
*Receive resourced educated materials relevant to your needs.
*Learn about foods and nutritional sources that are nutritious, nourishing and support your wellness goals.
*Save money... product recommendations are selected specific to your needs instead of spending on products that may be unsuitable for your body toxic or ineffective.

Request your appointment today pilates@coe-dynamics.com or call 424.903.3104

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