Essential Oils (workshop)  
              DIY holiday gift making      

    GIVING… gifts of the earth
DIY OIL WORKSHOP:                                               Saturday, November 16
- have FUN creating gifts for friends, family, co-workers                         1 - 4PM (anytime)
- personalize with essential oil blends
- a gift of: uniqueness, beautification, well-being

Workshop Setup:
- gift making stations*
- oil blend options for each gift
- how to buy therapeutic oils at discounted rates
- take home instructions (with essential oil blends and gift material resources)

*(class fee includes 1 gift creation, additional gifts can be made for $10/gift)

Workshop Date:   Can’t Make the  Class? Consider Hosting (and receive Free Oils)

Saturday, November 16                                             
come & go between 1 - 4P                                             
Location: PISC 120 S. Sepulveda MB 90266         

FEE: $25 (includes 1 gift*, gift making instructions and gift materials resources)    *additional  gifts can be made for $10/gift)

        Presented by:
Tracy Coe, cQRA Nutrition, Functional Health, Essential Oil Educator                             
                 RSVP/Questions to pilates@coe-dynamics.com

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