HUMAN BLOOD is a walking encyclopedia of a humans health status.  It gives a snap shot of past, present and future directional trending (beyond just indicating if someone has disease). 

WHY ARE BLOOD TESTS ORDERED (by patients and medical staff)

Most blood tests are ordered for either a routine check-up but more commonly because you are not feeling well and the medical staff wants to get an inside view of what is happening.  A very common issue comes up though, when the medical staff reviews the report and says everything looks NORMAL (if there are no clear markers of disease or major dysfunction). BUT the patient still doesn’t feel well.  

- 95% of population will fall in the “normal” range but still have dysfunctional symptoms
- Allopathic normal = healthy (meaning absence of disease)
- Normal ranges is based on statistics, not whether a certain value represents good health/function
- Normal ranges represent “average” populations rather than optimal level needed to maintain good
- Normal is NOT optimal

- Functional is the same blood testing of allopathic BUT, provides of wider breadth of assessment of physiological function.  Reference ranges are based upon levels needed to maintain good health there help to identify clinical conditions, less then optimal physiological function, and health trends 
1. Detect early stages of dysfunction and hidden trends
2. Improves health program decision making
3. Provides objective proof of results
A patients functional health report will list: test results, charted results out and in optimal and allopathic standard ranges, charted functional and nutritional indexes (noting any levels of physiological dysfunction along with recommended nutritional support), history trends from previous labs.

HOW DO CAN I OBTAIN A Functional Health Report of my blood labs?  
- If you have had recent blood work completed, a electronic copy of that blood work can be emailed to pilates@coe-dynamics.com.*
- Your report will be submitted to Evexia Dianostics to be entered into their system to produce the Functional Health Report.
- Once the report is ready, Tracy will contact the client to set up wellness consultation appointment to review the report together.  Client will receive a copy of their report which provides patient explanation to what they are looking at.
CoeDynamics offers hourly consultation ratea as well as Wellness Transformation Packages.

* If you have not had recent blood work then CoeDynamics (through Evexia Diagnostics) has a variety of lab tests available to clients (at discounted lab pricings that include the Functional Health Report). Lab suggestions (along with pricing) will be made to a client based upon a clients’ unique situation.

For questions, scheduling and ordering please contact Tracy at 424.903.3104 or pilates@coe-dynamics.com  

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