Premier Multi-Nutrient This product is a complete, high potency, vegetarian vitamin and mineral blend offering a broad spectrum profile of potent and pure naturally occurring phytonutrients. Formulated to be 100% complete with all the key essential organic compounds including 39+ trace minerals necessary for optimal physiological functions of the body.
Such as
IMMUNE PRIMERS: Garlic Extract (Allicin), Reishi (Beta glucan), Vitamin C,** Vitamin D,** Zinc,** Selenium,** B Vitamins**

ENERGY DRIVERS: Plant-Source B Vitamins (two preferred forms of B12), MCT, and Fulvic Acid

B Vitamins,** Minerals,** Vitamin D,** Vitamin E,** Vitamin A and Vitamin C

BONE ELEMENTS: Vitamin D3 / Vitamin K2,** Minerals,** and B Vitamins**

PH ESSENTIALS: Fulvic Acid and Minerals from Ancient Peat Extract, Fermented Greens

MOOD REGULATORS: B Vitamins,** Trace Minerals and Selenium

CARDIOVASCULAR COMPLEX: Vitamin K1 from blend & Vitamin K2/MK7,** Vitamin D,** Iron, Garlic Extract, B Vitamins

LIVER PHYTO-COMPOUNDS:  B Vitamins,** Garlic (detoxification) and Selenium

INTESTINAL BIOTICALS: Prebiotics & Postbiotics (Prebiotics from Rice Bran** & Postbiotics from Fermented Greens**)

Premier Multi-Vitamin is a complete 100% plant-based blends that are derived from USDA-certified organic plants, with natural, plant-based bio-enhancers. Along with providing:  
extensive lab testing on all raw materials,  body-friendly forms allow the body to easily recognize, metabolize, and absorb the nutrients. meets FDA requirements for identity, purity, strength, and composition,  have no added non-nutritive or compromising additives 


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