Myofascial Release & Tone (MFRT) classes will follow a body rolling methodology(1) that is designed to release muscle tightness (from bone origin to muscle insertion), apply traction to lengthen muscle tone muscle create space in joints and restore function, stimulate circulation which reduces pain and enhances healing, re-pattern postural mis-alignments and compensations, build your body awareness and develop self-healing practices.
All classes will be led by your Teacher using your Yamuna body ball and the Anatomy U Video app for a visual aide of the internal anatomy.
Who can benefit from MFRT? Anyone who…..
* wants to experience the sensation of a self-massage
* who wants to increase body awareness for self-healing
* who is experiencing discomfort or pain due to sprains, muscle spasm, nerve impingement, limited range of motion, restriction, compression, tightness, inflammation, atrophy or nerve pain.
Participants must have the ability to sit and lye down on the floor or on a table

This class can paid for with
* a series of 6 classes (2 mo. expiration)
* a single class  
Once your purchase is complete you will be emailed to confirm you start date and then added to the calendar

For questions please contact the studio at pilates@coe-dynamics.com or 424.903.3104

Important Note prior to sign-up: to register in this class, participants must make a one time purchase ($20 - $25) of either the Gold Yamuna ball* http://www.yamunausa.com/collections/balls-and-essentials/products/gold-ball  (for height > 5 foot) or
the Pearl Yamuna ball* http://www.yamunausa.com/collections/balls-and-essentials/products/pearl-ball  (for height < 5 foot).

The ball is yours to keep and provide continued self therapy in the comfort of your home or bring with you on travel. It could take up to a week to receive your ball so please purchase/plan accordingly.

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