Toxin Overload

When accumulated toxins exceeds detox organs ability to process, it can slow down, create an imbalance in organ function affecting overall health. With the potential to cause symptoms such as:  skin eruptions, low energy, poor digestion, accelerated aging, poor immune system, chronic headaches, chronic joint/muscle aches pains, bone degeneration, hormone imbalances, low libido, exacerbated inflammation leading to all forms of dis-ease 

30 day Nourish Cleanse Rejuvenate Program (over $200 savings)
Inclusive of weekly dietary outline (recipes), nutritional support/cleansing products, scalar laser, and external oil/mud therapy to relieve/open organ stagnation  naturally designed to nourish cleanse return balance and rejuvenate. 

Program includes:
- 90 minute recorded health seminar (w/ visual slides) educating: toxicity, body's response to toxicity, defining  nourish and detoxification
- 4 week outline daily protocol
- grocery shopping list with list of meals suggestions
- all supplemental nutritional products to support detoxification and nourishment of kidneys, GI, Liver/Gallbladder, Lymph
- 50 minute in person session with Tracy for Therapeutic External Mud Pack of Detox organs with scalar laser
- 30 minute in person with Tracy 2nd Scalar Laser session
- question/support phone call with Tracy Coe through 30 day program 

Questions or begin your 30 day program today pilates@coe-dynamics.com or call 424.903.3104

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